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Jennifer Love Hewitt

Welcome to the website. We've been hard at work putting together a site to please all you fans out there who've been waiting so patiently for things to come together. Thanks for hanging in there! As you will see, we've got the usual website materials – bio, recent magazine articles, red carpet photos, etc. – but, to add some extra pop, we've also included some video diaries, a “Ghost Whisperer” game, clips of some of my favorite music, a link to my favorite charity and much more. We'll be updating the site with new info as often as we can so keep coming back. This site is for all of you so I want to make sure you're fully satisfied. Any thoughts or comments on the episode “Threshold” I know I have a lot of mixed feelings and I’m a bit heartbroken I was hoping the death was all a dream I still am. Let met know what you thought of it by posting comments. Beware Spoilers will be mentioned for those who read the comments pertaining to this post. Take care,

Jennifer Love Hewitt

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